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Five Ways You Can Reduce Your Allergies

This year Long Island has been hit with the worst allergies yet! At times your normal allergies seem as though you’re coming down with the common cold again! Whether you’re enjoying the day in your backyard, the local park or a baseball game once the pollen kicks in we know here it is allergy season! Some like to think that staying indoors during this time of year will keep away allergy symptoms when in all actuality the pollen is making its way inside through your HVAC Equipment.  In this article, one can check out 5 Tips for reducing your allergies this year just with the help of your HVAC equipment. 

Purchase Better Quality Filters

One of the BEST ways to improve the quality of the air in your home is by replacing the air filters you have in exchange for ones that are of a higher quality. At Weber and Grahn our technicians always keep the best of the best equipment on their trucks- including high-quality filters! If one is especially concerned about the allergies during this time of year- we would recommend changing them every 3 months- or if you have pets or a lot of moisture in your home we would recommend every 2 months.  While being a customer of Weber & Grahn HVAC our service technicians come to your home twice a year to replace your filters during your spring and fall inspections.

Keep Your Home at the Right Humidity

Now, what do we mean by “Right Humidity”? Well think of the tale of Goldilocks and the three bears; when the porage was too hot or too cold goldilocks wasn’t happy, but when it was Just Right she was more than satisfied. The same situation for our home; When the humidity level is too hot it can cause mold to grow, while if it’s too cold it can dry out your skin and clog up your pores. However, having a humidifier on in your home can keep your home at the right temperature OR upgrade your systems today with Weber & Grahn.

Dusting is Your Friend

Spring Cleaning is on the horizon! Cleaning out closets & homes and a whole lot of dusting! If you have the shelves, cabinets, blinds, and tables are on your list, Make sure to add Vents and Registers to that list! Those two areas are often missed and they can hold a negative effect on the air in your home. This improves the quality of air in your home drastically!

Clean Around Your Indoor and Outdoor Unit

Keeping an eye on your outdoor unit from any debris around it will allow the unit to run efficiently! The same concept for dusting your inside unit- keep your outdoor unit will up and running all season long.

Schedule your HVAC Maintenance Inspection with Weber & Grahn

Last but certainly not least! The maintenance inspection. Probably the important part of the entire process for keeping the allergies out. For Weber and Grahn we make sure our clients are taken care of when it comes to their equipment. Having a spring inspection with Weber and Grahn- involves having our dedicated service technicians come and take care of your equipment before the busy summer seasons kick in. Having them come during allergy season also gives them the opportunity to find any problems beforehand.


We hope that these 5 Tips were able to help! And remember for any HVAC needs always call your friends at Weber & Grahn! 631-728-1166


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