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5 Signs that Your Air Conditioner is on its way Out

During the summertime in the Hamptons, folks want to live a carefree summer, enjoying the beach, sunshine and most importantly their air conditioning with their families. But, unfortunately, life has its own way of working, but, knowing these signs will be your indicator that your equipment needs immediate service.

1.) Sudden Increase in Your Energy Bills

Let’s say your system is getting up there in age, it takes awhile for the system to turn on and fully pump out the cool air it’s supposed to, well this can make your energy bills rise. Noticing the change in your consistent bills is something every homeowner will realize. This folks is the first of many signs.

2.) The Air coming Out of Your Vents is Not Cold Enough

Is their air coming out of your vents? Was it not as cold as it was last summer? Does it feel slightly warm in front of the vent? This is a sign of a faulty system and that your unit is in immediate attention. This can be anywhere from a “simple fix” with refrigerant, or it could be an expensive, not so simple fix.

3.) Not Enough Air Coming Out?

Not as much air as you remember from last year? This could be an issue with the ducts. Dust, dander, dog hair, pollen, and other things can get caught up in the vents, so it is important to have them cleaned. The build-up of the following weakens your airflow and as well the quality of the air in your home.

4.) Unusual Noise Coming from the Unit

Fact: Air Conditioners are designed to run with little to no noise as possible. So, if you’re hearing any kind of noise from the outside unit, it’s time to call in the professionals. Rather call sooner than later because this is a HUGE INDICATION that your unit is on it’s way out.

5.) Leaking Around the AC Unit

Walking outside and finding a pool of water around your system is never a good thing. This is an obvious sign that there is a major problem. There could be many problems when it comes to a leak in the system. OR, if the unit is leaking refrigerant then it’s time to call without any delay.

Calling the Professionals…

When it comes to any problem with your system, the smartest thing to do is always call Weber & Grahn. We’re available for 24/7 Emergency Service (including holidays) at the drop of a hat. With 15 dedicated service technicians just to bring your system back from on the verge of failure to fixed. Our service department has been around since the early 1980’s, and W&G Service has made it their #1 Priority to always be available for their customers. Call us today with any problem you may have at 631-728-1166!

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