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Refrigeration in Hamptons, Westhampton, East Hampton, Smithtown, Islip, and Nearby Cities

Refrigeration is a broad term that includes various cooling equipment from HVAC units to refrigerators. Our refrigerators at Weber & Grahn range from large temperature-controlled storage for long-term collectors to short-term storage and frequent customers. With us, you will get a custom wine room with optimum temperature and climate control units specifically designed for wine cellar cooling. For all our loyal customers from Southampton, Hampton, Westhampton, East Hampton, Smithtown, and Islip Our professionals can install refrigeration systems that not only raise the aesthetic beauty but also seamlessly integrate with almost any existing interior style.

Cold Wine from the Refrigeration in Hamptons, Westhampton, East Hampton, Smithtown, Islip, and Nearby Cities

Below we have mentioned 3 common types of refrigeration systems available to us. Take a look.

  1. Evaporative cooling

Also known as swamp coolers, these units function by blowing warm outdoor air over pads that are kept soaked in water to absorb the heat from the passing air. In this way the warm air stays outside, the water evaporates and cooler air enters the area.


  1. Thermoelectric

As opposed to the above type, these systems do not require any type of refrigerant or water. Instead, they depend on electric current or a thermocouple. This type of refrigeration system is generally not used for cooling a large load but it’s perfect for mediocre or small cooling loads.


  1. Mechanical compression refrigeration system

these types of refrigeration methods are used in commercial and industrial refrigerators. These units transfer heat by mechanically compressing the refrigerant into a cold liquid with the help of low pressure and then eventually expanding it into hot gas with high pressure.

So, if you are planning to purchase any kind of refrigeration unit for your commercial or residential purposes, you can get in touch with us at 631- 728- 1166.

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