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Refrigeration in East Hampton, Islip, Smithtown, Southampton, Westhampton and Nearby Cities

Wine refrigeration is a great idea for sprucing up your dining experience. However, there are certain aspects that need to be checked with constant wear and tear. For instance, apart from maintaining it regularly, it might need repairing assistance at any point of its career. Even if your unit is top-notch, you must realize that every machine has a lifespan. Thus, you must understand the crucial signs of damage and get the necessary parts repaired as soon as possible. The last thing you would want is your cooling system to get wrecked and your wine spilled without your knowledge. To take care of such aspects, you must only trust professionals as they have all the necessary skills as well as the technological know-how which can bring your unit back to life in no time. So, before you look any further, come to us at Weber and Grahn, where we offer wholesome services like installation, repairing and replacement- all under one roof. So, if you live in areas like East Hampton, Islip, Riverhead, Smithtown, Southampton or Westhampton, then you can opt for our services without a speck of hesitation.

Refrigeration in East Hampton, Islip, Smithtown, Southampton, WesthamptonHere are two viral signs that your unit needs immediate repairing:

  • Generating Strange Noises:

Many consumers may not know this but wine cellars generating any noise is a clear sign of internal damage as normally, these refrigerators are extremely quiet. For example, if you hear any squealing, then the fan belt might need replacement, while a rattling noise could mean a loose panel. In the event that there is a leak near the compressor, then your unit may also make a distinct hissing sound.

  • Temperature Inconsistencies:

Proper wine storage means that the cooler should always maintain a regular temperature of 55° to 58° F, along with a constant humidity level. If it is just a faulty thermostat, then it may be easily repaired. However, if humidity becomes the major issue, then the refrigerant levels could be low in your cooling system. At this point, you must consult a professional.

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