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Furnaces in East Hampton, Islip, Riverhead, Smithtown, Southampton, and Nearby Cities

If you are a homeowner, you may have had people recommend you to get an annual furnace checkup but never taken it seriously. However, if you have been ignoring this suggestion for a while, you may need to give it a second thought and find out why getting your furnaces serviced is absolutely necessary. Many people don’t think that maintenance is necessary and wait until its too late. Routine maintenance can help you from costly repairs and replacement.

Furnaces in East Hampton, Islip, Riverhead, Smithtown, Southampton

At Weber and Grahn Air Conditioning & Heating, we have professional and NATE certified technicians who will provide seamless maintenance services for any kind of furnace. We hold Suffolk County Master Plumber and Master Electrician licenses so you can rest assured that we know how to handle your applications well and will give you the best quality of work. We provide our services to East Hampton, Islip, Riverhead, Smithtown, Southampton, and Westhampton. If you are from any of these services, be sure to contact us today.

Here are some more reasons why routine furnace maintenance is important:

  • Extended life

If you perform regular inspection and testing of your furnaces, the technician will keep on making minor adjustments to keep your furnace running longer and better. They will keep on lubricating the moving parts, cleaning out the drains, testing the individual units and other components to make sure that the furnace is working properly. You can rest assured with routine maintenance that your furnace will keep on running for many years to come.

  • Reduced energy bills

A good performing furnace will be more efficient and use lesser energy. There are simple things such as changing your filters or cleaning them which will drastically lower your energy bills. With routine maintenance, you can expect your energy bills to decrease by up to 30%.

So, if you are interested in our services, contact us today.

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We handle tasks like designing and installing HVAC systems for new construction, installing wine systems, and repairing existing systems. We aim for excellence in every job because our reputation relies on it. Your satisfaction is how we measure our success.


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